NZ Prewedding Shoot Price

The average client spend is NZ$12,000.

Inclusive of flights, accommodation, food costs, etc.

It would typically break down like this:


Return flights from Asia for two, via transit in Sydney: NZ$2000

Accommodation for a week: $200/night x 7 days = NZ$1400

Food for a week: $25/meal x 2 pax x 3 per day x 7 days = NZ$1050

Entertainment expenses: NZ$1000 (boat cruise, entry fees, etc)

Hair & Makeup: NZ$300

Photoshoot: NZ$3500 (Queenstown 1 Day)

Dress & Tux rental: NZ$820

Helicopter charter: NZ$1350

Car Rental: $40/day x 7 days = NZ$280

Petrol: NZ$300

*Prices are approximate estimates.


Please feel free to ask me for recommendations on vendors & suppliers, suitable for your beauty & travel needs.

Your travel costs will depend on the season.

Summer (November~February) is typically more expensive than the other seasons. Over Christmas and New Years, you should expect to pay more than double for flights, accommodation and car rental.

New Zealand is beautiful All Year Round.


Summer (Mid-November~February)

  • Wild Lupins bloom all over Queenstown, Wanaka and Lake Tekapo.

  • Long hours of daylight, until nearly 9.30pm

  • Warm and dry climate, approx 23 degrees celcius.


Autumn (March~May)

  • Beautiful Autumn leaves spread all across Queenstown, Arrowtown and Glenorchy. The best time is around the third week of April.

  • Approx 14~18 degrees celcius.

  • Flights and accommodation costs get cheaper than Summer.

James Hirata -

Winter (June~August)

  • Snow on the mountains

  • Approx 0~8 degrees celcius

  • It’s the tourism low season, with less traffic jams and cheaper travel costs.

  • Low sun position the whole day, which looks like sunset all day long.


Spring (September~Early November)

  • Cherry blossoms bloom over Queenstown

  • Lambs. A lot of lambs are born in Spring. They are everywhere.

  • The sun comes out higher, and the weather gets better.

  • Approx 15~20 degrees celcius

The Price for the Photoshoot

The pricing for my service ranges from NZ$1000 to NZ$5500, with various add-on options available.

Please contact me using the form below, to access my full pricing info.

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