james hirata

A Wedding Rehearsal - Is It Necessary?

james hirata

A wedding rehearsal is often the first time the whole wedding party gets together before the wedding proper, no wonder some cultures use the excuse for a rehearsal dinner, a pre-wedding celebration.


But is a wedding rehearsal really necessary?


Yes, I believe it is.


The purpose of a rehearsal is to go through the logistics of your ceremony with the whole wedding party. We go over where to stand, how to move into the ceremony area and out of the ceremony area. Who will have the rings and how will they be handed over at that critical part of the ceremony. Who will give the signal that the bride is ready to walk. Where do the parents sit so they have the best view of their son or daughter’s face through out the ceremony?


Half to three quarters of an hour is time well spent in the peace of mind it will give you on your wedding day. Knowing what to expect, will reduce nerves and contribute to a relaxed, seamless and spectacular ceremony.


A rehearsal held around the same time as the actual ceremony will be held gives the opportunity to check that the sun will not be shining into either the wedding party’s or guests eyes. When a professional photographer is present, they will also be able to plan the shots and their positioning  to maximise the shooting efficiency on the day.

In my opinion a rehearsal should where ever possible be held at the actual wedding venue. I know some celebrants will hold the rehearsal at their home – you will come away with the theory but, trust me, it’s not the same!


When you’re interviewing for photographers and celebrants, why not check with them if they offer a rehearsal at your venue and whether they will charge extra for the privilege. It’s worth insisting on. My wedding services include a rehearsal at your venue, where possible.